Registering for a show:
Most AHS shows participate in our online registration program. Online registration helps the show manager by preparing much of the critical paperwork. To register online for a particular show you should:

1.Examine the class list and decide which classes you want to enter. You will need the normal information, such as horse, rider, owner, etc.
2.Connect to
3.The first thing the system will want is your email address. This is to identify who does the registration and the system will send a confirmation notice of the registration. Enter your email address.
4.On the next screen, click on �New Registration� since this is your first time registering for a particular show.
5.Select the show for which you wish to register.
6.Enter your contact information. This is only required the first time an email address is used.
7.Select �Submit� on the bottom of the screen.
8.On the next screen, select �Enter New Rider�
9.A form very similar to the paper AHS form will appear. Fill in the appropriate information. Select the classes into which you want to enter this rider/horse combination. Click the �Submit� button when done.
10.The next screen allows you to get a confirmation email. If you want a confirmation then click the appropriate field on the screen.
11.You will receive a confirmation email.
12.You are done and the information will be sent to the show.
13.Once again, the magic of computers!

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